Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fresh corporate promotional videos could help put investors, customers and employees at ease in tough times.

Marketing your image, brand, products and/or services with fresh video productions may be just what your organization needs to weather the current economic storm. Video presentations that candidly address topics such as financial stability and current strategies could help put investors, customers and employees at ease. Now is the time to present a message of impassioned, optimistic and sincere values that will inspire confidence both within and outside your company’s arena.
As Woody Hayes the famed OSU coach once said, “You win with people”. The people in your organization are its greatest assets. Their passion and pride for their work, along with their expertise and inside knowledge about your products, services and brands are the high octane fuel that can give your videos some real horsepower.
A documentary style video, featuring real people expressing real life experiences and knowledge, is an effective way to highlight your organization’s culture, values, strengths and uniqueness. This type of “humanized” video presentation connects with audiences in passionate, memoriable ways that a voice-over laiden, mumbo jumbo production simply cannot.
Many businesses have a long colorful history that often includes stories of an innovative founder and/or humble beginnings. A documentary film that explores the company’s history through first-hand, retrospective accounts and historical photos, videos, documents, etc., would be a great way to promote your company’s image and brand for years to come.
Whether producing documentaries, television commercials or videos for corporate communications, investor relations, marketing, sales, tradeshow presentations or employee training, my goals are the same: to create interesting images with an attention to detail and to edit those images into a precise, streamlined, well paced presentation that will keep viewers engaged. Experience and creativity make a big difference when it comes time to put it all together.
If you do have upcoming film or video production plans or would like to explore ideas, contact Greg Wolske at Lasso Productions.

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